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Electromagnetic Separator

Separotor and one of creator E.K. Yakubailik

New method to separate minerals of close magnetic parameters, based on pulse gradient magnetic fields. Designed to separate iron oxides and sulfides, where usual magnetic separation is not effective.
Breadboard model of separator consists of a couple of coils, that induces pulsing magnetic fields leveled in opposite directions; dry raw material moves in backlash between the coils. The model has been used for testing the method proposed.
Application for a patent is under consideration now.
Industrial realization of the method provides high quality raw materials for agglomeration, decreases sulfur ejection. It also can be used for processing of tails containing ferrous or nonferrous metals.
Now Institute of Physics and Kuznetsk Steel Works construct half-industrial separator of this type to produce concentrates of low sulfur content, with output of 200 kg/hour.
Institute is looking for a partner for full-scale industrial realization of such separators.

Tests has been performed with a number of raw products: iron ores, iron ores tails from Abagur concentration plant, pyrrotite concentrate from Noriltsk integrated plant.
Magnetite intermediate concentrate (40-47% of iron, 12% of sulfur) gives after separation high quality concentrate with up to 68% of iron and 0.20.4% of sulfur. Treatment of iron tails (13% of iron, 4% of sulfur) gives 3% of concentrate with 64% of iron and 0.5% of sulfur. Pirrotite concentrate containing 1.6% of nickel has been sepatared into two fractions: monoclinic (30%), with 1.3-1.4% of nickel, and hexagonal one (70%), with 2.1% of nickel.



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