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Flux melt group-growth technology of ferrogarnet single crystal

The commercial production-oriented technology of ferrogarnet single crystals from barium-borate flux melts was developed.

In terms of reproducibility of properties and yield of high-quality crystals the process excels these based on lead-borate flux melts, is essentially wasteless, ecologically safe and economically advantageous over the processes available.

The technology affords to grow high-quality single crystals for microwave devices and magnetooptics.

The developed technological process essentially solves the challenge of continuous growth of high-quality ferrogarnet single crystals with designed distribution on platinum substrates of different configuration. Along with this the experiments demonstrated that a developed approach to control crystal formation in barium-borate flux melts solves the analogous problem for transparent gadolinium-gallium garnets, too.

The technology carries good potential of application to create platinum decorations with garnets with natural facets.

These developments were support by US Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF), Grant RZ2-504.

Such developments can be extended over such crystals as barium hexaferrites, rare-earth gallium garnets.

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