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Express analysis and quality
control of natural sorbents


Portable automated NMR spectrometer, conformed to laboratory or field conditions, is specially designed for express characterization and quality control of natural sorbents, such as zeolites, silicagels, activated carbons, loamy minerals, etc., to obtain reliable data for their possible ecological, industrial or agricultural applications. New approach is exploited to phase analysis problem, that allows to diagnose sorbents within many components mixtures using "molecular spin probe" method. The device not only diagnose the presence and content of a sorbent in a mixture, but measures it's main characteristics: water capacity, adsorption activity for different adsorbates, ionic capacity, thermal stability, content of metallic (magnetic) admixtures. This set of parameters provides reliable estimation of quality for most sorbents of practical interest. Been of the same level of precision with other analytical methods and devices, NMR-MICRO is above competition as a means for express estimation of sorbents' quality; it's typical time of measurements is 3 to 9 minutes. The device may be applied to measure humidity and quantitative analysis of fluorides.


Continuous NMR spectrometer includes portable permanent Nd-Fe-B magnet, NMR detector and electronic unit. Data collection and treatment is driven by IBM compatible computer. The device includes a system of sensitivity calibration, and is capable to work in spectrum accumulation mode. It's most effective, comparing with pulse analogues, for systems with wide NMR lines (zeolites, fluorites and the like). The device is under patent dd.21/05/96, priority by 12/04/94. Description is published in Bulletin of Inven-tions of RF, No 3, 1996, p.126.


Working frequency, MHz12-15
Range of frequency test, kHz200
Range of automatic frequency compensation of magnetic field temperature drift, kHz 100
Precision of zeolite probes analysis, %1-5
Probe tube diameter, mm9
InterfaceRS 232
Power supply, ac, V, Hz220, 50
Power, max, W6
Mass, with Notebook computer, max, kg20



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