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Krasnoyarsk center of science and education in high technology

Main Purpose

  1. To carry out the concerned scientific investigations in the fields of new materials and laser technologies
  2. To improve high school education process, to train hight quality specialists for scientific investigations and for modern industry


  • Kirensky Institute of Physics
  • Krasnoyarsk State University
  • Siberian Aerospace Academy
  • Krasnoyarsk State Technical University

Main Fields of Research

  • Fundamental problems of condensed matters
  • Advanced material science:
    • high temperature superconductors
    • fullerens and other carbon nanomaterials
    • ferroelectrics
  • Quasicrystals and fractal nanostructures
  • Mmagnetic nanomaterials, novel magnetic materials for magnetic and magnetooptic memory
  • Lliquid crystals, capsulated liquid crystals for plane displays
  • Laser physics, lasers in technology and medicine
  • Mmicrowave devices and electronic components
  • Physical properties of rock materials for the problem of nuclear waste conservation

The combined scientific education laboratories on the base of modern exploration complexes have been created. In this center:

  • high school students take specific courses, 18 new original courses have been developed;
  • bachelor and magister diploma works are carried out;
  • postgraduate student are trained;
  • 42 professors and 70 kandidates of science are involved

Financial support

Center is working under Russian State Federal Program "Integration of academic and high school sciences".


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