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Laboratory of Physics of Magnetic Films

In 1967 the Laboratory of Physics of Magnetic Phenomena headed by L.V.Kirensky was divided into three laboratories. The research team led by Candidate of Phys. and Math. Sciences Naum Salansky (since 1969 Doctor of Phys. and Math. Sciences) had obtained the status of the laboratory named Laboratory of High Frequency and Pulse Properties of Thin Magnetic Films. In 1978 the Laboratory was renamed into Laboratory of Physics of Magnetic Films and headed by Candidate of Phys. and Math. Sciences Georgy Frolov. Since 2000 the laboratory has been led by Doctor of Phys. and Math. Sciences Rauf Iskhakov.

The Laboratory research concerns the problems of synthesis of new magnetic nanomaterials in various morphologies (powders, covers, nanolayers, multilayer nanostructures, nanofilaments and nanoparticles in different matrices), investigations of their physical properties and study of possibility of their practical application. In 80s, on the basis of undertaken study of correlations structure/properties in amorphous films of rare earth/transition metal alloys, the new mechanism of magnetooptical information storage was suggested; the technology of magnetooptical disks was developed.

Complex investigations of magnetosoft film materials have become the basis of creation of the weak magnetic field sensors. In 1986 this work was awarded with the First Premium on the competition of SB AS USSR.

The new methods of investigations of structural inhomogeneities of amorphous and nanostructural magnetic materials, namely, correlation magnetometry and spin-wave spectroscopy, created by the Laboratory researchers, are being actively developed, allowing at present to form directly microstructure of materials and, thus, to obtain physical properties demanded for practical application.

A part of the main scientific results are described in the following works:

  1. Salansky N.M., Erukhimov M.Sh. Physical properties and application of magnetic films. 1975 Novosibirsk: Nauka, SB AS USSR 220p.
  2. Frolov G.I. Magnetic properties of 3d-metal nanocrystal films. ZhTF 2004 v.74, issue 7, pp.102-109.
  3. Iskhakov R.S., Ignatchenko V.A., Komogortsev S.V., Balaev A.D. Study of magnetic correlations in nanostructural ferromagnetics by correlation magnetometry. Pisma v ZhETF 2003 v.78, issue 10 pp.1142-1146.


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