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Papers 2001
1Anshits A.G., Kondratenko E.V., Fomenko E.V., Kovalev A.M., Bajukov O.A., Anshits N.N., Sokol E.V., Kochubey D.I., Boronin A.I., Salanov A.N., Koshcheev S.V.Physicochemical and catalitic properties of glass crystal catalysts for the oxidation of methane. J. of Mol. Catal,. 2000, A158, 209.
2Anshits A.G., Kondratenko E.V., Fomenko E.V., Kovalev A.M., Bajukov O.A., Salanov A.N. Catalitic properties of active phase of glass crystal microspheres in the reaction of methane oxidation. Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis, 2000, 130, 3789.
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7Aver'yanov E.M. Influence of torsional regidity of molecules on measured angles of internal rotation.Molecular Materials, 2001, 14, 321.
8Aver'yanov E.M. Intercoupling of molecular conformational and orientational degrees of freedom in a nematic liquid crystal. Molecular Materials, 2001, 14, 79.
9Aver'yanov E.M. Spectral features of impure luminescence in uniaxial polymer films and nematic glasses. Molecular Materials, 2001, 14, 231.
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16Churilov G.N., Petrakovskaya E.A., Bulina N.V., Ovchinnikov S.G., Puzyr' A.P. Substances forming at synthesis of fullerenes and metallofullerenes in carbonhelium plasma jet. Mol. Materials, 2000, 13, 105.
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