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The main regularities and mechanisms of fullerene and fullerene derivatives formation process in ionized carbon vapor.

Churilov G.N., Fedorov A.S., Novikov P.V., Alikhanyan A.S., Nikitin M.I., Glushenko G.A., Bulina N.V., Emelina A.L., Vnukova N.G.

The influence of electron concentration in ionized carbon vapor on C60 fullerene formation was theoretically investigated. By considering C60 molecule assembly at one or two intermediate stages of cluster collision we determined the plasma parameters (temperature and electron concentration) optimal for the fullerene synthesis. It was shown that waves of electron concentration in plasma changed the rate of C60 fullerene assembling. At the first time the important role of electron concentration for synthesis of fullerenes and their derivatives was shown. Also a mechanism of influence of electron concentration and temperature to the fullerene synthesis was proposed. Conceptions developed in the work allowed to define conditions of efficient synthesis of boron doped heterofullerene C59B. This heterofullerene was synthesized in macroscopic quantities firstly. By results of massspectroscopic study it was determined that C59B content in fullerene mixture was more than 11%.

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